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Student Surveys

Collect powerful insights with smart student surveys

Give students the opportunity to share their opinions on courses, events, and other school programs. No paper or IT help needed!

Why use student surveys?

Collecting student feedback is crucial to improving your university. From course evaluations to event surveys, Formstack makes it easy to gather opinions from students. Use your survey data to make decisions that improve student satisfaction.

Easily collect student feedback

Access powerful survey tools inside an easy-to-use platform. Build and share surveys in a snap that reveal incredible data.
Build surveys quickly
Build surveys quickly

Use premade templates or our drag-and-drop form builder to create surveys in minutes.

Only ask what matters
Only ask what matters

Avoid survey abandonment by using Conditional Logic to only show questions relevant to the survey taker.

Increase survey conversions
Increase survey conversions

Use powerful conversion tools, like A/B Testing, Partial Submissions, and Field Bottlenecks, to secure more survey submissions from students. 

Build surveys quickly
Improve survey access

Embed mobile-friendly, Section 508 compliant surveys on your website and social media to collet valuable student feedback.

Track student changes
Track student changes

Use powerful analytics to track key trends and monitor feedback over time. Present findings in charts and graphs, or export data to apps via integrations.

Stay organized and on track
Stay organized and on track

Group all student surveys in one portal to easily track completion rates, identify communication bottlenecks, and send email reminders.


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